Raya Golden Meet Boulder Colorado!

So, this IS me on the move! good times indeed, sitting in one for local coffee shop ipadding it up. looking for the joby job, drinking the excellent latte, and as per usual trying to figure out what to do with one's self. My day will not consist of many and more things to do, no, I'll be looking for job type stuff and finishing the endless website which thankfully is almost done, then I just have to figure out how to publish the fucker! nuck nuck.... I'm to read other blogs as well, and just kill time till I find out what happens next...

Big ups to all My Fam who helped make this move not only possible, but so completely stress free that i keep forgetting I moved and just feel like I'm still on Vacation from the real world... Whoop!

and thats all...


this is me.... on the move....

been a while...

things are moving right along so here are some new works... first some logo stuffs



look.. a book..


and some fantasy card designs...

116_The Cats of Ulthar-Golden



and so on.. more to come

Franken frooto-

just getting spooky for threadless I'll put up the rest of my tee's later- Franks the man!


MOre CarDs

These are for a fantasy card game called Talisman! Yes I know berry dramatic.. anyway... me make you see thats about it..