friends on the island

just having a little fun before the kid's book excitement begins...



Conceptual fun

a few pieces to present with a friends screen play. concept is this giant space station with a revolving outer layer that creates its own gravity. there is no gravity in the center, much like the space station of 2001 space odyssey so here they are. tra la




CARD O'Art...

So here are some gaming card designs they are designed to be ultra small like 2 by 1.5 some thing ridiculous like that so I don't usually tighten these up ether. first one is for A game of thrones and the last to are for call of cthulhu all via fantasy flight games tra la.. as per please feel free to leave me notes or ideas on improvement....

A Game of Thrones-Golden




is nice to me .... yes...

There and Back again....

oh and in the general mood of blogginess im actually going to write a bit about my life. so here I am back where i began trying to finish up what i started in a non-sequential backhanded kind of way and here are some moments in time from which here became here again and my there kinda went away..